FA Disability Talent ID Pathway Sessions

"Thanks again Mark, for leading the England Talent ID programme on the park with such enthusiasm and diligence. You created a really positive environment for the players and parents, and went above and beyond in terms of making sure things were in place.  If you wish to come down and observe the level of the squads I am involved in please get in touch. (CP U-21+ Deaf Senior Futsal)"


Regards,           Paul.


Paul Harrison (Pictured), Talent Selection Officer (North)
Football Services Division,  
The FA Group, Wembley Stadium

Comments From Disabled Sessions

Mark (centre) is pictured here with Calderdale Support Services' Football Club members.

Each Thursday Mark coaches a group of challenged CSS attendees who take part in the sessions at Aachen Hall, King Cross, some of who have written to Soccer Elite.

Here are some snippets of their own written comments below:

From Ryan:  "Today I really enjoyed doing the football that I do with Mark on every Thursday session because we all do different skills which I really enjoy doing and my favourite football with Mark is doing passing skills and different kind skills."

From George: "I think it is a good sport.  I like the session with Mark.  Mark is a good coach."

From Matthew: "On a Thursday afternoon I do a football session with Mark the coach and Ben (Support Carer) and CSS staff.  During the session Mark teaches football skills, drills and tricks.  Some I find hard to do, but I don't give up.  After this we then play a game of football to put what we have learnt into practice.  The part of the session I enjoy the most is playing the game as it's fun and exciting to score."

From Aiden: "I like playing football with Mark.  I enjoy the skills like pass and move, penalty kicks and a full match.  I join in every week and we do different stuff or something else.  I am getting confident with the ball even though I am visual impaired and my friends help me when I need it."

From Chris: "Today I've enjoyed every football with Mark the coach and I do it on a Thursday afternoon.  My favourite session is doing passing skills."

Ben E. (CSS Staff Member): "On Thursday afternoons, I support a group of lads in a football coaching session with Mark from Soccer Elite.  During the session, Mark teaches the lads various skills, drills and the occasional trick move.  All the lads seem to really enjoy this, as well as the chance to play a game at the end to put into practice what they've learned within the session.  I myself enjoy taking part in the session and supporting the lads, as I play football outside of work and it offers me a chance to pass on some of the knowledge I have and also to gain some new skills myself and some extra training."