Comments From Players and Parents

Female u12 Parent:

"My daughter has really enjoyed the PDC sessions. (Name Protected for Safeguarding) says she has most enjoyed learning new football skills in a fun and easier way.  She also says the sessions at the girls' PDC have really motivated her and picked out specific skills she needs for goalkeeping.  She also likes the fact she has managed to take practices and warm up tips etc. to use independently before matches. Sarah x"


Female u12 player: 

I like how I can take responsibility for my match days, like my 'self talk' and keeper warm ups. 

Female u9 Parent:   

"Hi Mark,  Just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how much (Name Protected) is enjoying your soccer sessions at the Girls' PDC in Keighley. She isn’t part of club so she didn’t know anyone when we first attended but Qasim and yourself made her feel very welcome. She’s enjoyed the variety of the sessions and skills training which are delivered with a high standard of professionalism. See you again Monday "

Parent: "My son has attended Mark's Soccer Elite Academy from the age of 6 - he started when it was a new venture therefore numbers were small. With some coaches this would lead to quite a dull session but Mark's energy and commitment meant that my son got pushed, coached and driven to a fantastic standard. Every session is meticulously planned to meet the needs of the individual - it is definitely not a 1 size fits all model. Mark has the ability to bring out the very best in everyone, regardless of their ability. He clearly takes pride in his work and this is reflected in the achievement of all his players. BIG thank you ! " Jo.

Parent: "My daughter has been playing football for the last 8 years. During this time she has represented County and Player Development Centres throughout the Yorkshire region. Whilst the coaching has been very good, it doesn't come close to the coaching Mark gives week in week out.  Both myself and my daughter find these coaching sessions invaluable.  My Daughter feels as though she gets 1-2-1 coaching, even though there are many girls there.  I had a message from another parent this weekend, advising me that his daughter played a 'blinder' at the weekend and she put it down to the training delivered by Mark - speaks for itself!"


Female u15 Player:  "Best Training I have received - Ever!!  I learn so much at these sessions.  My game is improving all the time and I wish Mark could coach me every time."

Female Adult Player: "I have found the sessions with Mark very beneficial for my development as a player. I have been playing for a local team for 8 years and certainly over the last 3-4 years I have been a fringe player lacking in confidence. The structured sessions Mark has put on have helped me understand the theory side of the game more so I can think ahead in a game situation. Also the ball work drills have helped improve my control and technique, which has subsequently increased my confidence and I now ask for the ball, as opposed to getting rid of it before having to think about it. The biggest improvement I have noticed is my talking on the pitch. I was a very quiet player and found talking very difficult but with how Mark has developed other parts of my game, I am now talking a lot more on the pitch than I've ever done"  Stephanie Parsons.

Female u15s Parent: "Since attending the training sessions, there has been a noticeable improvement in our daughter's performances on the pitch. She is much more vocal, helping to direct others on the pitch and she is significantly more positive, when attacking the opponent's goal. Rather than always looking for the pass, she will now consider taking a shot which has paid off in her last few games.  She is enjoying the sessions and it is clear from her performances that she is taking on the skills and tactics you are showing her within your sessions.  Thank You! "

Parent: "Soccer Elite is by far my sons favourite training. He always get up on a Saturday morning and shouts "yes it's soccer elite this morning!" The coaching from Mark Brier is second to none, I've seen alot of coaches in training and I've even recently completed my Level 1 coaching award and I can easily say he is the model Football Association coach, from ABC's to even giving player specific challenges to improve their play... I would even go as far to say it's helped my son get into Huddersfield Town's elite development squad...It's Fun, and my son loves it." Stuart.

Parent: "The fun, innovative and imaginative training drills are delivered by passionate, patient and friendly coaches. Soccer Elite offers a unique coaching experience." Simon.


Player (10): "Fun sessions from good coaches that teach us something new every week."

Player (8): "The training is very good. I love it when we get moved up and get to play with the older lads. I also like the SAQ drills. Most of all it's fun and I've made lots of new friends."


Parent: "Mark and his team are very good with the lads. They make the sessions fun and involve both the kids and us parents. There is always a question and answer part at the end of every session so the lads can have their say. All sessions are of a high quality and my lad really looks forward to Saturday mornings at Soccer Elite."  Andrew.

Parent: "My boy plays with Clifton Rangers U7 and trains Tuesdays with them. He lives and breathes football ! He loves it and always try's his best. We decided to take my boy for some additional football development coaching at Soccer Elite with Mark Brier, to broaden his football experiences. I've been really impressed with the sessions which encourage the boys' thought processes, great progression and development throughout the drills. Then curtailed with good coaching and feedback to the young players and parents too, during and after the sessions. But more importantly it's FUN as well as learning at a great venue. I really can't speak highly enough of Soccer Elite. My boy loves it! Thank you guys." Andy.

Parent: "Our three children have attended the Soccer Elite training sessions over the last 7 years. The coaching is excellent and helps the kids to analyse situations, what they should have done differently and the alternative outcomes. There are plenty of practical tips which help them in game situations in their respective teams. There is a good mix of ages and the younger members are encouraged by the elder members. It is a great team situation and the boys love it as well as learning loads of useful skills from it - highly recommended."  Mark.

Parent: "Each session begins with a range of drills to increase football skills, agility, balance and most importantly, to increase an awareness of teamwork and fair play. Language and communication are embedded into the sessions with opportunities for players to reflect on their learning though questioning that is pitched for each age and ability group. Young people attending the sessions range in age and experience from novice to elite performer and there are opportunities for all to work together and build their skills and confidence. Students are placed into groups based on their ability but are also given time to work together. In this regard the older more experienced students take an active part in leadership whilst the younger players learn though participation with the more able. I would recommend these sessions particularly for any young person, who wants to participate in football and needs to build their confidence and self esteem by working with professional coaches that understand how to develop all students, regardless of their starting point or ability." John.

Parent: My views on Soccer Elite......... "I wish we had found it earlier!""My son had played schoolboy football since he was six (now 14) under lots of different managers and lots of different coaches. We discovered Mark and his team a couple of years ago. The difference they have made to Oliver's football is incredible. His knowledge and understanding of the game has improved immeasurably by the one-on-one coaching. They have a skill and eye to find out the weaknesses and strengths of every player and fine tune them in to the best they possibly can be and more. Oliver never wants to miss the training sessions, whether it's raining or shine. As I said earlier, I wish we had found you earlier as his football could be at a different level now. Thank You." Dominic.

Parent: "Toby has been attending Saturday mornings pretty much every weekend for over two years and absolutely loves it, so much so that he wants to start taking his coaching badges when old enough in a couple of years time. As well as his undoubted enthusiasm Mark finds time to set them each with individual

challenges, be it technique, communication or game management. You can see how much Toby has developed his confidence playing for his football club as a result of Saturday mornings."  David.