It's All Happening!!

It's been a hectic last few weeks in the Soccer Elite coaching world. New projects and discussions during the week with the West Riding County FA and Sporting Equals, as well as a new after school football club at Greetland Academy have kept Mark very busy. Thanks also to Luke Whitworth, who as a developing coach at Greetland Goldstars is assisting Mark at this school.  As well as these, more sessions with Sikh Sports have been booked and a Sportivate project with Bingley Grammar is being planned.


Mark thoroughly enjoyed the festival of girls' football at DeLacy School in Pontefract last week and fun was definitely had by all.  One of the highlights was a young lady stopping Mark during a team talk and stating "It's ok Mark, we have a plan!"  When Mark asked her to explain the plan she said......"If we can't score we'll do a sad Conga, if we score we'll do a happy Conga!" Brilliant.  We love coaching.  Enough said.

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